Oct 2023 – New NMR instrument installed

Our new 300 MHz NMR instrument with a broadband probe and stopped flow equipment is now installed and fully operational. Special thanks goes to Dr. Nils Schlörer and his team for their help in setting up the instrument and integrating it into FSU Jena NMR platfor.

The instrument is a part of the project “Niederfeld-NMR-Plattform für die schnelle Erfassung von NMR-Daten, NMR Screening, und Überwachung schneller chemischer Reaktionen und biomolekularer Interaktionen” supported by the state of Thüringia through Thüringia Aufbaubank, and co-financed by funds from the European Union within the framework of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) / Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE).

Sep 2021 – New paper in Tetrahedron

We were happy to contribute to the Tetrahedron special issue on System-Oriented Development of Organocatalysis. Congrats to Hiro Ohmiya for doing a great job of editing this special issue and congrats to Fritz, Milica and Max for doing a great job in the lab and in presenting their results. Read more about this work at our publications page.